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Sharon Lynn Wyeth

Education was of primary importance to my dad and he stressed that to each of his five daughters.  I love to see others learn and grow and decided to teach math, as that is where most people struggle. However, I was not always good at what I initially attempted, including math, and so the fear of failure became the inspiration to my success.  Today I teach math at both a community college and a four-year institution in San Antonio, Texas.
At the beginning of each school year we are given a lists of names for our 150 students that we would be teaching. Typically, I would make a random seating chart for each class at the start of the year. Totally random, and I have to admit that it would take months for me to really get to know the strengths and weakness of my students.  I realized that if I could know my students faster, I could be a more effective teacher.

When doing random seating charts at the start of my seventh year of teaching, I realized that I was having impressions of who my students would be based only on their names. So, that day I diligently wrote down my impressions based on the student’s names, as that was all I had, and put the information away. I wanted to get to know my students for who they were.  By Winter Break the accuracy of my impressions was confirmed.

This launched me on a new mission and passion. I spent the next fifteen years analyzing names to see their patterns, and after testing my theories in forty-nine of our states, I went overseas and tested them in seventy countries. I wanted to know that the patterns I had discovered held true regardless of the language, as long as our alphabet symbols were used. And, with rare exception, the patterns hold.  I have since used this knowledge as a school administrator and the lead trainer in a large corporation.

I discovered what the greatest thing was about learning the patterns in names called Neimology® Science, or how to read the patterns in the names, helps people to connect to each other safely by already knowing things about the person once you hear their name. Now, we have a tool that helps us understand others and ourselves better so that we’ll know how to connect to others in a safe manner.

I’m devoting my life to spreading this knowledge because knowing how to interpret names can assist us in everything from choosing the right dentist and doctors, to knowing how to connect to others quickly when forming new relationships, to knowing who would want to take advantage of our good will.  When still in the work place, it helps us know who to hire, how to speak with everyone from judges and lawyers to waitresses and janitors. This methodology helps us relate to others, and better yet, to also share hope and love.


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